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About Us

 We live in a small town on south highway 35 called Pearsall, Texas. We own a Small Screen printing Shop, Where we print T-shirts and do custom embroidery as well. Since We are self employed we have more time on our hands to spend it with our Awesome Bosstex Terriers aka Boston Terriers lol.


My wife and I have had dogs all our lives from mutts to english bulldogs to boxers. But our interest settled on Boston Terriers!   We bought our first Boston Terrier "DEXTER" in 2013'. We named him after the showtime series Dexter Morgan! Which is an awesome series by the way.  Anyways a year later we bought Sam aka Samantha. After she had our first litter and we were amazed of the all how big and healthy each puppy was born.  It was exciting yet challenging experienced for us but we just fell in love with the whole process. The people that bought from our first litter were all very happy with there pups.  After several messages with pictures I got from them showing me their puppies, We were hooked so me and my wife decided to breed pet quality boston terriers for your loving families..

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide you a healthy best pet quality dog for you to adopt for there forever homes. It takes alot of time and dedication raising and breeding dogs. Please do you research when purchasing a dog of any breed.

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